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So you need Healing (38%), Knowledge (70%), Inspiration (20%), and Strength (63%)?


Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of endurance, freedom of thought, wisdom, truth, beauty, and illumination of the mind and spirit. He assists us in absorbing intricate information and in dealing with complex matters, and guides us along our aspired spiritual path to enlightenment. 

Jophiel, inclined to help us see and maintain beauty in life, is the Patron Angel of artists and helps them in every step towards the completion of their work. Also, he loves those using inventions, discoveries, or revolutionary ideas for the greater good of humanity, and gives them special support, for as well-meant as the efforts of a pioneer often are, success will seldom come without doubt and humiliation. 

Jophiel shares with us his wisdom and selfless patience that will strengthen us at times when we are close to resignation, and encourages those who are wishing to make a change that seems impossible to do to keep going. He teaches that everything can be made possible. 

Striving and struggling souls, continuously searching for solutions and answers will find the strong and unshakable support they need in Jophiel, which goes for spiritual matters as well as earthly problems calling for solutions. He comforts those that were denigrated and abandoned, unwearyingly staying by their side to light their way and lead them out of hopelessness and despair. Jophiel is also concerned in beautifying the planet by cleansing it of pollution and lends his assistance to those engaging in the vital mission of helping our environment. 

A Bit of Trivia:

Jophiel is one of the two Angels assisting Michael in battle, the other being Zadkiel. Just like Gabriel and Ariel, Jophiel is sometimes referred to as female. 

Jophiel - Michael - Israfel - Raziel - Ariel - Uriel - Gabriel - Raphael - Zadkiel - Jeremiel






I am the Archangel Jophiel

My name means "Beauty of God"

I am the Angel of Paradise

I am the Patron Angel of Artists
我是藝術家的守護天使  ← 這是寶瓶子大大的翻譯,上面原文翻譯是引用她的喔!

大家有興趣想做測驗的,可以參考以下網站:   ← 這是做測驗的網站,也是上頭原文的來源網站,點下網頁的時候小紅傘一直跳出警告視窗…;rv  ← 這是有好心的大大,將題目翻譯出來,寶瓶子大也有做出翻譯來,大家可以對照著看。

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